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Each month Kim will add some important information in the area of personal finance. 


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September 2017 Article- What Is a "Stretch" IRA

September 2017 Newsletter- Envisioning Your Retirement Dream



August 2017 Article- Frequently Asked Retirement Income Questions

August 2017 Newsletter- Does Your 'Net Worth' Matter?

July 2017 Article- The Alternative MinimumTax- Not Just for the Wealthy

July 2017 Newsletter- Portfolio Cleaning

June 2017 Article- Starting Out: Begin Funding for Your Financial Security

June 2017 Newsletter- The Savvy Retirement 'Spender'

May 2017 Article- Turning 30 and Getting Serious About Finances

May 2017 Newsletter- Transferring Your 'Unattended' Retirement Accounts

April 2017 Newsletter- Time to Play Retirement Catch-up

April 2017 Article- Tax Strategies for Retirees

March 2017 Newsletter- Refinancing Debt: Is This a Good Idea?

March 2017 Article - Ten Investment Mistakes to Avoid

February 2017 Newsletter- 2017 Retirement Plan Savings Changes

February 2017 Article- Job-Changer's Financial Checklist

January 2017 NewsletterThe Value Of Planning

January 2017 Article- Using Trusts to Maximize Chartiable Giving While Minimizing Estate Taxes

December 2016 Newsletter- A Plan For Managing Your Debt In 2017

November 2016 Article- Lower Your Tax Bill With Year-End Planning

November 2016 Newsletter-  NOW Is The Time To Plan

October 2016 Newsletter- Retirement Savings 'Tales'

September 2016 Article- Why More Americans Don't Own Life Insurance

Septmeber 2016 Newsletter- Does An Election Year Affect Your Portfolio?

August 2016 ArticleMutual Funds And Taxes: A Primer to Help Lighten the Load

August 2016 Newsletter- Why "Brexit" Matters

July 2016 Article- Saving For A Sunny Day

July 2016 Newsletter- Preventing Identity Theft

June 2016 Article- Buying Life Insurance: What Kind And How Much?

June 2016 Newsletter- Mental Accounting: Help Or Hindrance

May 2016 Article- Longevity Risk And Retirement Income

May 2016 Newsletter- When Your Nest Egg Looks Scrambled

April 2016 Article- Planning 2016: New Realities, New Expectations

April 2016 Newsletter- Reasons To Avoid 401(k) Loans

March 2016 Article- Planning 2016: New Realities, New Expectations

March 2016 Newsletter- Tax-Smart Investing?

February 2016 Article- Make The Most Of Your 401(k)

February 2016 Newsletter- What To Do In A Falling Market

January 2016 Newsletter- Your New Year's Resolutions

December 2015 Article-  Helping To Care For Aging Parents

December 2015 Newsletter- Changes In Social Security Filing For Couples

November 2015 Article- Money Management For A Single Parent

November 2015 Newsletter- Goal Setting Makes For Better Performance

October 2015 Article- Beneficiary of a Trust? What You Need to Know

October 2015 Newsletter- End Of Year $ Moves

September 2015 Article - Understanding Market Capitalization

September 2015 Newsletter- Fueling Financial Errors

August 2015 Article -Shielding Retirement Assets From Taxes

August 2015 Newsletter- Investor Identity Crisis

July 2015 Article- Deferral Rates Trump Fund Performance, Rebalancing as Key to Retirement plan Success

July 2015 Newsletter- Starting a Roth IRA For Your Child Or Grandchild

June 2015 Article- Rethinking Risk- Common Barometers for Measuring Portfolio Performance

June 2015 Newsletter- Empty Nest Syndrome

April 2015 Article- What is a Stretch IRA?

April 2015 NewsletterCredit Freezing: Help stop Your Identity Theft

March 2015 ArticleIt's Tax Time: Tips for getting Organized

March 2015 Newsletter- Balancing Act  

February 2015 Article- Life Insurance: A Flexible Wealth Management Tool

February 2015 Newsletter- The Risk vs. Reward Reality

January 2015 ArticleTax Rate Schedule

January 2015 NewsletterManaging Your Debt in 2015

December 2014 Article - 2014 Charitable Tax Guide

December 2014 Newsletter- 7 Steps To Retirement Readiness

November 2014 Article- 10 basic Questions of Estate Planning

November 2014 Newsletter- Fall Financial Reviews

October 2014 Article-  Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

September 2014 Article- How Rising Interest Rates Can Affect Your Financial Plans

August 2014 Article- College Planning: Know the Rules For Education Funding

August 2014 Newsletter- Using 529 Plans to Save for College

July 2014 ArticleOverview of Asset Transfer Stratigies

June 2014 Article- Understanding Guardianship for Older Adults

June 2014 Newsletter-  Navigating Medicare and Medigap Insurance

May 2014 Article- Social Securtiy Planning For Couples: Maximizing Survivor Benefits

May 2014 Newsletter- Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?

April 2014 ArticleDeveloping a Realizable Vision for Retirement

April 2014 Newsletter- Tips for Starting a New Buisness in Retirement

March 2014 Article - 11 Ways to Minimize New Medicare Taxes

March 2014 Newsletter - Could You Be Subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax? 

February 2014 Article - 5 Ways to Boost Security against IDTheft in 2014

February 2014 Newsletter - 6 Tips To Help You Avoid Online Fraud

January 2014 Article - Key Financial Data for 2014

January 2014 Newsletter - Should You Purchase an Annuity?

December 2013 Article - 2013 Charitable Tax Guide

December 2013 Newsletter - Year-End Planning to Help You Lower Your Tax Bill

November 2013 Article - 10 Basic Questions of Estate Planning

November 2013 Newsletter - Understanding the Affordable Care Act: Essential Health Benefits

October 2013 Article - The Positive Side of Emotional Decision Making

October 2013 Newsletter - Three Tips for Surviving Market Turbulence

September 2013 Article - Motivational Quotes From Legendary Wall Street Investors

September 2013 Newsletter - Looking for Income? Consider REITs

August 2013 Article - Paying for College ia A Family Affair

August 2013 Newsletter - Understanding 529 Plan Distributions

July 2013 Article - Disaster Planning: Steps for Guarding Your Assets and Lifestyle

July 2013 Newsletter - How to Calculate Your Retirement Needs

June 2013 Article - Financing a New Baby: The Cost of Parenthood

June 2013 Newsletter - How to Improve Your Credit Score

May 2013 Article - Factors to Consider When Updating Insurance Coverage

May 2013 Newsletter - The Tax-Free Income Potential of Municipal Bonds

April 2013 Article - Estimating Health Care Costs in Retirement

April 2013 Newsletter - Why you Need a Health Care Proxy

March 2013 Article - 9 Questions to Ask Your CPA at Tax Time

March 2013 Newsletter - Investing In Sectors: Risks and Returns

February 2013 Article - Creating a Financially Organized Life

February 2013 Newsletter - Will you outlive your assets?

January 2013 Newsletter - Long Term Care Insurance: Is it a good idea?



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